Fiduciary & Offshore Umbrella Services

Fiduciary & Offshore Umbrella Services

Whether you are a Managing Director, Freelance, Consultant, or Self-employed,

Fiduciary Factoring is the most effective Tax Planning SOLUTION for optimisation of your income in a tax-free offshore environment.

The main purpose of Fiduciary Factoring - also known as Offshore Factoring (umbrella services) - is to expatriate all or part of your income and assets into offshore funds.

Fiduciary Factoring offers attractive advantages as part of your Tax Planning strategy providing benefits that you may have thought inaccessible.

Forget about so-called government tax exemption programmes in real estate and other areas, and consider all of the opportunities allowed by alternative Tax Planning schemes and efficient legal arrangements.

The set up of these kinds of arrangements is quick and absolutely affordable. As a result, you will benefit from retention of 90% of all of your expatriate income and funds, completely tax-free.

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