Offshore Umbrella Products

Financial Planning managers will take care of your offshore wealth and will offer you the best choice of investment programmes.

How does it work (exactly)?

You have been employed by a company for your services.

Are you an expatriate? Are you working abroad, or in your country of residence?

Save on Corporation tax. Save on income tax.

  1. Invoicing services are performed by our Fiduciary Partner.
  2. Your client receives an invoice from London.
  3. Your client pays the invoice.
  4. You will receive 90% of the transferred amount, free of tax, in your offshore bank account.

Is your company making a profit?

Save on Corporation tax. Legally decrease your profit level, and increase your income.

  1. Our Fiduciary Partner will invoice your company (via separate companies) in order to decrease your company's turnover (and therefore profit), allowing you to expatriate funds for your personal use.
  2. You will receive 90% of expatriated amounts, tax free!
You will have access to these expatriated funds, through international payment & debit cards and Internet banking facilities.

Effective Legal and International arrangements are at your disposal - helping you to relax and enjoy your hard-earned cash!

Of course, if you receive offshore income in your country of residence, you will have to declare it, in accordance with the applicable tax legislation.